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MEGA Volunteers

Thank you for being interested in volunteering during MEGA Sports and Art Camp! We want to give kids the chance to learn more about sports; BUT that’s not all! Our campers will also enjoy upbeat rallies filled with energetic praise and worship music, fun sports stories, ultra cool visual learning experiences, and Bible stories that will help them discover character traits that can help them excel in sports and in life.

YOU KNOW WE ARE: Next Generation Focused!

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Volunteer FAQ


What are the Different areas I can Serve?


     · Provides instruction during sports or art sessions 

     · Main leader of group (provide structure, organization, and fun) 

     · Keeping group together (accounted for) at all times 

Huddle Coach 

     · Provides small group ministry time 

     · Support head coach

     · Maintain attendance each night 

Group Helper 

     · Follow lead of head coach and huddle coach to ensure kids are engaged 

     · Encourage team-work and fun 


Set up/Equipment Team 

     · Set up water jugs and specific area equipment each night

Check In Team 

     · Ensure parents and children have a pleasant  drop-off experience (smile) 

     · Check kids in each night, provide name tag and event bracelet


Meal Team 

     · Set up Volunteer Dinner (served at 5:30pm) 


Special Projects Team 

     · Organize snack and water to each group

     · Complete follow up postcards and MEGA Sunday Rally awards 


Volunteer Kid Care 

     · Provide pre-planned activities to help kids ages 0-3 have a safe and fun night

*Have a heart for campers that need individualized assistance - Let us know!

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